Differences between SD, HD, 4K and 8K

calidad de video

1200p, Ultra HD, 4K…? Image quality, video resolution, pixels…? Is the difference between 4K and 8K really palpable? Do I need my videos to have a certain quality to be better positioned? There are many questions related to video resolutions, because, in the same way, there is a great diversity of them, with differences that … Read more

Stock footage: what is and how it´s used.

The fundamental elements of an audiovisual project are two: -Music. – Video. Now, are you going to produce both? Do you have the time and the necessary materials to carry them out? Ideally, each of your productions should be accompanied by unique content, created and personalised by yourself. However, it is often impossible to do … Read more

The Simplest Video Editor Online

El Editor de Vídeo Online Más Simple

Creating an original video that generates engagement is no longer a complicated task. You no longer need complex video editors to install on your computer, where more than half of the features you don’t know how to use. Nor do you need extensive YouTube manuals to learn how to use them. And you don’t even … Read more

Copyright-Free Video Loops

Loops de Vídeo sin Derechos de Autor

If you are active on social networks, consume content on blogs or frequent platforms such as YouTube, you will have noticed a type of content that has become very fashionable: video loops. As you could see in the video above, this type of video is based on repeating an audiovisual piece indefinitely, looking for an … Read more

Green Screen Videos

pack de pantalla verde

Surely you have asked yourself how filmmakers achieve such striking and hard-to-imagine visual effects. Or how it is possible for people to appear on television as if they were a hologram, without actually being present on that stage. Well, the answer to these and many other common situations in the audiovisual world is none other … Read more

List of Stock Video Sites

paginas web con videos de stock

Whether you are a novice content creator or already consider yourself a professional, or have a content creation agency, you will agree with me on one thing: You need high quality videos for your creative work. As you know, the video market is booming. YouTube and other similar platforms are growing exponentially. According to data … Read more